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By day I am a mild-mannered (some would say ill-mannered) Doctor of Chiropractic who has practiced in Westminster, CO (leechirocenter.com) since 1983. 

I have a wonderful wife, two great kids, two great step-kids, and three incredible grand kids

For the past several years, by night...

I DJ’d for the Westminster Elks and serve as the Lodge Vocalist. We have an enthusiastic and faithful karaoke group at the Elks, and I DJ events there, such as dances, weddings, picnics, and anniversaries. 

I go out and sing occasionally, mostly with my friend and mentor Michael D. I have been lucky to be at dances where the band will let me sing with them and that a is about my greatest thrill! 

So far, I have not had any fruit thrown at me. 

Happy Customers!

I come highly recommended!

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***** 10/09/2018    Laura

We  had such a great time at our wedding last weekend! Doc was very  organized and sent us a  form well in advance where we could make music  selections, such as the processional song during the ceremony, the  cocktail hour music, and of course the dance music! I sent him small  playlists to work off of to get a feel of the style/genres we preferred,  and he filled in the rest! Our dance floor was packed the entire night  until the very last minutes of our reception. (And it doesn't hurt that  Doc's services are much more affordable than other DJs!) Thank you for a  wonderful night!

***** 7/17/2017 Bernadette G

I had to do a lot of planing well in advance as we moved states 2.5 months before the wedding... From the very beginning with Doc meeting us in Castle Rock...

*****6/05/2017    Jessica J  

Bruce was fantastic. Easy to work with, even when things changed last  minute, it was no problem. Everyone was dancing all night! I would  recommend him to all my friends! 

***** 10/07/2016    Yollie G  

Doc was great! He knew exactly what music to play to keep the party  going. He also knew what not to play. One guest told me Doc wouldn't  play a song he requested, the song was most definitely not wedding  appropriate, so thanks for not playing it! If we need a dj again we will  be...

*****2/28/2016    Sierra  W  

Amazing Dj at my sisters wedding, will keep them in mind for my big day!  

***** 10/15/2015    Kara W  

I really enjoyed how relaxed everything was with Doc. It was a fun light  wedding and he made sure that we were happy. He had a smile on his face  the whole time. He was quick on his feet and was able to overcome  multiple road bumps caused by the venue.

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*****6/3/17 Andrew 

Bruce did an excellent job mine and Jessica's wedding and was super  flexible when we needed a change. People were dancing all night! Would  definitely recommend.

*****10/20/16 Emily

Thank you for helping make our wedding day so wonderful. Everyone had a blast!

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*****Kirk H. On Saturday 10/7/2017, Doc was our DJ for our wedding and reception. He  was the very first to respond when we found him online. We first  contacted him nearly a year prior to our ceremony. As we got to know  him, we both enjoyed his personality and we knew he was the right person  for us...

*****Breanne B. 

We had a wonderful wedding and Doc was a key part to the success of the  night. The ceremony music was perfect. He followed the timeline provided  and everyone was on the dance floor until the night came to an end. My  92 year old great-Aunt was on the dance floor...